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Taking Nonprofits
to the Next Level

Is your staff stressed and overworked? Does your association struggle to deliver value to its constituents? Are you constantly in reactive mode, playing catch-up?  Is your data fragmented, stale, and unreliable?

Increasingly, small to medium-sized nonprofits are turning to rapidly evolving technology to solve these problems without breaking the bank. 



501evolved is a strategic information technology consulting firm that specializes in helping clients develop holistic Business-IT strategies, optimize internal operations, and deliver value and results to their constituents. With deep expertise in harnessing the power of technology, 501evolved can help you unlock the potential that exists within your organization.

Systems Architecture

As technology had evolved over the years, so did the approach to IT systems architecture.  Rise of the iPaaS (integration Platforms as a Service) led to the evolution of how we think of systems architecture that is best suited to support organizational missions.


We offer solutions implementation services, including vendor selection and management, systems implementation, and systems integration. With a focus on optimizing technology performance, we are dedicated to delivering superior service to clients seeking efficient and dependable business-aligned IT solutions.


501evolved approach

Technology has evolved to where even small nonprofits can achieve operational excellence, effective member value co-creation, and solve most data challenges.  This is achieved by selecting and implementing technology solutions that best fits your needs and business systems that are able to communicate with each other.

More and more nonprofits are implementing modern system architectures and are quickly becoming better versions of themselves.

A smart technology office building
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A team of stakeholders discussing a project
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