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Information Siloes


Is all your data equally and easily accessible to your staff across all functional areas?

Associations frequently use a variety of business systems that do not talk to each other. As a result information gets segmented and out of sync.  Information about a member or a constituent in one system may be different than iformation about the same person in the other system, and sometimes it is hard to tell which is more current.

This frequently happens when individual departments are in charge of selecting systems that support their mission and their needs without the broader understanding and appreciation for how those systems will fit into the overall business IT ecosystem.

It is critically important to take a holistic vew of the organizations' IT needs and approach system selection from much higher and broader point of view.  The outcome of such process will be a robust and cohesive systems architecture that will enable the staff to gain better access to constituent data across a multitude of touch points and a variety of business systems.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Staff has to login to several different systems to get a full picture of a member.

  • Producing reports is a complex, manual, and time intensive ordeal. Data has to be exported out of several systems, then loaded into Excel and manipulated extensively. 

  • Information about a member in one system may not match the same information in the other system.

Our Solution

Connecting systems together via unified integration platform allowed instant synchronization of data across multiple systems. Implementing a data analytics system allowed collecting data from various touch points into a single data lake with a rich collection of dashboards and reports.

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