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Always Behind


Do you fee like no matter how hard you work, your team always playing catch-up?

Does your association have a vision, yet you never seem to get any closer to filfilling it?  Does your organization operate in a reactive mode putting down fires and slapping bandaids while struggling to implement meaningful inititatives?

Case Study

The Problem

  • Association staff was walways in reactive mode.  As a result deadlines where missed and priorities constantly shifted.

  • Staff was creating workarounds and bandaids that remained in place forever instead of implementing cohesive and sustainable solutions.

Our Solution

We have worked closely with the BOD and association executives to develop a roadmap with an achievable set of priorities. This work had to be done with all stakeholders involved in this process, instead of each department developing their own set of goals independent of the rest of the organization.  As a result the association was able to proceed at a more deliberate and sustainable pace with everyone having clarity and being in agreement why certain projects where moving forward and others were not.  

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