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Overworked Staff


Does your staff feel like hamsters in a giant wheel - overwhelmed with work but going nowhere fast?

Association staff frequently finds itself spending many hours on unproductive work that usually involves data maintenance and cleanup.  Or manual processes across multiple systems with a lot of copy and pasting or retyping information.

Modern technology has evolved to the point where it can easily automate many of such tasks.  The key is to understand what is possible and how to select business systems that are able to communicate with each other and allow for meaningful automation.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Every time a sponsor or an exhibitor purchased a sponsorship item a staffer had to manually create and mail an Adobe Sign document to be sent for an e-signature.

  • Given the large number or sponsored events and items, especially around major events, the manual work resulted from having to create documents for e-signatures was overwhelming.

Our Solution

We have migrated from Adobe Sign to Docusign and created an automation via a standard integration platform supported by Docusign and Member Management System to automatically generate and mail electronic agreements for signatures as soon as an item of specific category was purchased.  Automation also created a task in Microsoft Planner for the staffer to follow up with the sponsor after a pre-defined waiting period.  This resulted in instant a significan time savings and 100% follow up rate on agreements.

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