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Operational Inefficiencies


Does your staff struggle to meet deadlines? Do smaller tasks tend to occasionally fall through the cracks?

One of the main challenges that many organization face is the lack of adoption of productivity and collaboration tools by their staff. These tools are designed to streamline workflows, improve communication, and enhance efficiency. However, if staff are not using them effectively, they can lead to operational inefficiencies and wasted resources. For example, without a proper way to measure efficiency and staff productivity, managers cannot identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, or allocate resources optimally. Similarly, without a reliable task or project management system, staff may miss deadlines, overlook important details, or duplicate work. These issues can negatively impact the quality of service, customer satisfaction, and profitability of the corporation.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Project discussions are held in long email threads where important information get buried and easily missed. 

  • Individual tasks get missed or forgotten.

  • Individual staffers fail to effectively collaborate on projects and pass tasks from one person to another.

Our Solution

Implementing a project management system, even as simple as MS Teams with MS Planner along with MS Power Automate allows teams to initiate actions and entire sequences or trackable steps from a single email. Training staff on effective use of communication mechanisms and task tracking goes a long way toward achieving operational efficiency.

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