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Member Churn


Is your member attrition rate higher than what you would have liked?

What causes high member attrition rate?  In most cases it is a result of members not seeing the value they expected to realize when they have joined the association.  And just as frequently the value they seek is there and being created by your association, but your members simply do not know about it.   

Sometimes, members may not realize that their memberships are up for renewal or have already expired.

Can technology solve that problem?  Yes, it most definitely can.  Check out PropFuel, Association Analytics,, marketing automation platforms, and integration platforms that can tie all those systems together, understand member needs and deliver relevant information to them on how to find and utilize the value they seek.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Members do not know about all the resources available to them.

  • Members do not receive renewal reminders or expiration notices.

Our Solution

Implementing conversation-style member engagement campaigns increases member awareness of association resources and helps them realize the ROI on their membership dues. Using appropriate platforms for email delivery assures that members never miss important communications.

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