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What is a systems architecture?

Business Systems Architectures evolved over time.  Each iteration was an improvement upon the previous, that solved some of the existing problems.  Learn more about them and about the latest Best-of-Fit architecture modern associations use to streamline their operations and eliminate the bulk of data and process-related challenges.

Wild West Architecture

• Each system operates on its own.

• Data exchange via export-import

• Duplicative, unreliable, or dirty, out-of-date data

• Systems unable to talk to each other

Wild west architecture diagram
Hub and spokes architecture diagram

Hub and Spokes

• AMS is a center of everything.

• All systems integrated with AMS

• AMS hard to replace, mostly custom code

• Systems unable to talk to each other

Network or Distributed

• Systems can talk to each other.

• Each one is harder to replace

• Complexity and maintenance nightmare

Network architecture diagram
iPaaS architecture diagram


iPaaS stands for "integration Platform as a Service".

 All systems can talk to each other.

• Each system can be easily replaced

• Very few custom integrations

• Standards-based

At 501evolved we are focused on building iPaaS-Based Best-of-Fit architectures for associations.  Don't be shy! Contact us or schedule an introduction or a discovery meeting.  We are always happy to chat and learn about challenges organizations are facing.  We strongly believe that it is critical to understand if our services would be of any benefit to a potential customer, before considering any paid arrangements. 

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