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Unreliable Data


Is your data consistent across various business systems? How certain are you that information about person A in your AMS is identical to that in your LMS or EMS?

Associations use a multitude of business systems that serve as touch points for their constituents.  It is not uncommon for the information about the same entity to start diverging from one system to another, resulting in difficulty of determining which of the system contains the most current or accurate data.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Member information in Member Management System did not match the information in Event Registration System.

  • Member information in Marketing Automation system did not match information in Member Management System

Our Solution

We have connected Marketing Automation System, Member Management System, and Event Management System to an integration platform.  Each time a record was added or modified in either of the systems, it triggered a change in the other two via the integration platform.  As a result data across all three systems became consistent and required no more manual intervention.

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