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Misha presenting integrated tech stack

Our Vision

To help usher the day when technology empowers and turbo-charges nonprofits instead of holding them back.

Our Mission

Help associations identify and implement technology that best fits their needs and their budgets.

We achieve this by bringing optimal solutions to our clients, while at the same time helping vendors and solutions providers develop better product to benefit the nonprofit community. 

Our Story

501evolved started​ from an idea that all nonprofits and associations face essentially similar challenges, regardless of the industry, profession, or types of constituents they serve.

Two major areas being internal operational efficiency and ability to deliver and articulate member value and its alignment with the overall mission. 

The vast majority of associations in US are relatively small with under 20 people staff and under 10 million in revenue.  Those are the associations who perpetually suffer from overworked staff which in addition to struggling with their daily work load also struggle with the technology, which instead of serving as a force multiplier and the main success driver, adds even more headaches and challenges. 

After observing this ongoing pain and suffering while working for a variety of small and medium size associations, I realized that a successful Technology stack can be built and used as a  template to be replicated across multitude of associations.

Michael (Misha) Getter

Founder / CEO

Our Team

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