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Systems Don't Communicate


If an event happens in one system, does your staff have to manually respond to it or follow up in other systems?

When systems do not communicate with one another, but contain date about the same entities, it may require significant manual effort to keep data in sync as well as have one system react to the events happening in the other system.  Associations that have many members and limited staff find themselves constantly playing catch up to ensure information quality and consistency across systems as well as taking manual actions in one system in response to events in the other.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Event registrants have to be maually exported out of the event registration system and imported into email marketing system with proper tags in order to initiate pre-event marketing campaign.

  • Whenever an event attendee registered for an event in the event registration system, association staff needed to check if the contact information still matches their record in the member database.

  • When a sponsor purchased a sponsorship package, an association staffer had to manually create and email agreement for eSignature.

Our Solution

Connecting those systems through a standard integration platform, allowed for instant automatic record tagging inside the email marketing system in response to members registering for the event. Data fields were also kept in sync. By connecting sponsorship system to Docusign, creation and emailing of sponsorship agreements for eSignatures were fully automated.

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